In the half of the first decade of this millennium, a small group of entrepreneurs, tired of delays, non-qualified provision of services and abusive rate values, foreign trade fees, glimpsed, for immediate attendance to its needs, a market niche in lack of quality, efficiency and fair price.

Hence, they decided – starting from a dream – to contribute and improve not only for their own business, but to expand providing such achievements to other companies which were going through the same difficulties. On 03.07.2006, from a scratch on a blank paper a company is born, as a Birth Certificate , the first rough drafts of NAME, LOGO, MISSION, VISION, FOCUS, LICENSES, IT STRUCTURE, STAFF QUALIFICATION, COMPROMISE, ADHERENCE TO NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAWS, WORLDWIDE CAPILARITY, AND MANY, MANY MORE CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY.

And the draft paid off, companies that seek for quality, information, started to tune in with us and MOEDA FREIGHT FORWARDING, in sync with its challenges started to conquer its market. In 2007 we were present in the largest world international fair in Munich (Germany) to consolidate strategic partnerships. In 2010 and 2011 we participated as exhibitors in the largest logistics fair in Latin America, showing our brand, our ideals, our work philosophy and also widening and consolidating more partnerships not only in Brazil but also abroad.

Currently, with full gratitude to our clients, who entrust their cargo to us, we continue to search for this fine tuning, listening to their needs, seeking processes automation, visiting the main fairs in Brazil and abroad, to bring the best and provide what´s more up-to-date in terms of meeting and complying with the Brazilian/Foreign legislation, in the least time possible, at a logical and competitive value.

To you dear client, reason for our existence, our heartfelt thank you!
To our collaborators, we´re grateful for you dreaming with us!
To Jesus, our master, guide and model, we thank you for the blessings of the work!
To God above all things, thank you for the opportunity of being useful.

Be always welcome to our company,


Customized solutions in Foreign Trade, with excellence in providing services